Wednesday, 16 November 2011

a love letter

to you.

Dear, I love you now and forever. But why do you keep wasting me ? twisting me around ? Is it because i am boring ? or Is it because you're bored ? whatever it is, please be bold and honest so we can settle this down. I am torn apart because you have fallen for someone else but not telling me. I am not angry or even mad for you being in love with someone else. But you have been dishonest with me. It's very hard for me to trust the rest of your words, words that i have been holding on. Just tell me the truth. Tell me it's my mistake. Tell me i am not perfect in your eyes. Tell me i am not who you really want. Just tell me the truth. I am not the one for you like i thought you were the one for me.

*terdengar suara orang loncat dari jembatan Cikapundung*