Wednesday, 5 November 2014

My First Love

"I dare you to write about 'my first love story'."
I felt a bit suffocated when a friend of mine asked me such thing. And i could sense the rest of my writing club friends were smirking like evil when that particular friend threw that challenge. Dear friends, it is a desecration to our holy friendship guild, just so you know.
To be honest, i never shared my first love story because, yeah, you know, it is really personal. I guess only a few people know about this. But, I also dare myself. So I gathered my sense of courage and accepted the challenge. It feels like i was challenged by a 14 yo old of me that sometimes haunted me every time i tried writing a blank new page in my life. 
I guess everyone my age has had their first love. A quarter century is a quite long journey particularly for me. But before i begin, i'm warning you to prepare some tissues. You know, just in case your eyes burst into tears (most unlikely to happen). You also have freedom to close this window anytime you want. It's kinda boring and romantic,  I don’t mind. Have i told you that i am one of helplessly romantics in the world? 
So, where should i begin?