Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A Fine Morning with Mount Sumbing

Going Up
Last month, I got an occasional job to Wonosobo in regard to commemoration of Indonesian independence. It was coincidentally matched with my friend’s plan to hike Mount Sumbing.  At first I just wanted to get my  job done then go back home right away. But after looking up about Mount Sumbing, I decided to join him to give a visit to Mount Sumbing after completing my job there.

We booked the bus tickets one hour before departure. I had browsed days before and found out Budiman that we chose undoubtedly because they provide two routes: from Bandung (Terminal Cicaheum) and Cimahi (Pasar Antri/Cimahi Mall) to Wonosobo (Terminal Mendolo). I had to be meticulously aware with their schedule from Cimahi because per last August they only served to Wonosobo only on morning (07.30) and afternoon (18.00). We were chasing a hike in the morning so we decided to go after sundown.