Saturday, 10 June 2017

Tale of Lovebirds

Illustration by Artpomp
Two birds are falling in love
They are chirping happily in the morning
voicing their togetherness from a dead tree.

Their harmony is healing
perforated souls
and attracting the wind of hope.

The sun, the sea,
the sky, the moon,
and the earth are busy mumbling continuously
while time keeps sliding mercilessly.

A bird was chirping alone this morning,
crying and almost dying
It was
voicing its perforated soul
the hollow of

Darwin, 10.06.2017.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A Tribute to Baumer

“I live in Providence. I work in Library.”

Few days ago I woke up like normally I had been doing for the past few days for new routines: got up really early for preparing fasting, slept again, woke up, and got to work. But there was something slightly different when I woke up on 2 June 2017. I checked my Twitter timeline and my heart was filled up with consternation reading this: