Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Closure: 2017

Standing and heaving on a rocky crater of Mount Slamet

I couldn’t see time as I was blanketed by perfect pitch black inside a uv-proof tent my friend recently bought who was also sleeping soundly next to me. Quite the opposite, I couldn’t really sleep well that night. The fireworks were too debilitating. I forced myself to peek to see them but it was pointless as the mist covered the surrounding was too thick. Additionally other campers mostly still got up and cheered the year changing to mark the significant change whatever their heart desired. They were screaming and clapping in joy ignoring the mountain coldness. I was being too laid-back to even desire a change in 2018. Let alone join their march. I fixed my sleeping bag I was wrapped in, closed my eyes, and tried to shut my mind. I needed to rest as I had to get up at 4 am to go to the top of the mountain. But the restless mind wouldn't shut if it wouldn't. Was it the Puntang coffee I drank that afternoon? Was it the sound of my new found friend who was shivering in a tent in front of ours? I already gave my extra jacket and socks to him but he still was shivering. His shivering voice was too strong to ignore. I wondered why his tent-mate was still sleeping in peace. 

Normally, I was an easy sleeper. I slept while standing on a bus, while sitting on a motorcycle driven by someone else. Was it because my body too worn out? I was done hiking for ten hours to get to the first camping spot, additional two hours to where i was now, and expected to walk for more two and half hours to the top. I had no idea why i stayed awake even though I had closed my eyes. While dissecting the thoughts for the sake of an answer, the other tent’s inhabitants woke up already and talked loudly to get us up. I grabbed my phone and checked the time. It was almost 4 am. Time slided faster on a mountain.